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DECEMBER 6, 2007


Selectboard members: Joe Mandell, Dan Dewalt, Peter Rysz, Guy Wachtel

Also Present: Shannon Meckle, Administrative Assistant; Todd Lawley, Road Foreman; Piet van Loon; Gunther Garbe, Planning Commission; Judy Egan, Overweight Permit Sub-committee; Ed Druke; Robert Hughes, Williamsville Hall Committee; Fred Lawrence, Overweight Permit Sub-committee

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Joe Mandell


The minutes of November 15, 2007 were reviewed, and the following changes were made: It should be noted that the money to pay the temporary employee with the budgeted funds for the employee that is out on Workers’ Comp. Dan Dewalt made a motion to approve the minutes as amended. Peter Rysz seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

The minutes of the December 4, 2007 Budget Meeting were reviewed. Peter Rysz made a motion to approve the minutes as written. Guy Wachtel seconded the motion. The minutes were approved unanimously.


Road Foreman’s Report: See Attached Report.

International 7400: As mentioned in the Road Foreman’s report, there is a problem with the truck’s rims breaking around the center of the rim. Todd contacted the Dept. of Highway Safety and was directed to another organization. Todd will write up a brief history of what’s happened thus far with rims. Dan Dewalt made a motion to authorize Shannon to draft a letter to the proper authorities and to contact other towns as well to inquire as to whether they are having this problem, and what steps they’ve taken. Peter Rysz seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Overweight Permit Sub-committee: Judy Egan requested that a “No Through Trucks” sign be placed on Grimes Hill Road. Judy presented information and pictures to the board. Joe stated that the town needs to research this thoroughly before making a decision, and suggested to her that she contact Matt Mann at Windham Regional Commission. Guy Wachtel stated that he did not agree with the proposal. Judy stated that it wasn’t necessarily a recommendation or a request, but just a question of whether it was a possibility.

Guy Wachtel made a motion to turn down the request. Dan Dewalt seconded the motion.

Discussion ensued regarding the purpose of the sub-committee/task force, and that it is primarily to gain information and to present to the board a researched, prioritized list of needs. Guy Wachtel withdrew his motion. The board urged the sub-committee to come back to the board with specifics that are well researched, rather than ideas as they come up.


Gunther noted that Ken Robinson is willing to stay on the Planning Commission. Gunther and John Feifel will run for another term in March, and will see the Zoning Bylaw through its completion, but will resign after it’s finished.

Todd noted that private contractors generally do the right thing and follow the rules with regards to Overweight Permits and such, and that if you look, the oil companies and gas companies do not have permits filed with the town. Shannon will draft letters to these companies for the Selectboard, urging them to apply for permits. Todd pointed out that this would be good for uniformity and also gives the companies an accurate list of safe and unsafe bridges.

The board asked Judy about her plans to use the Williamsville Hall for the Overweight Permit Sub-Committee meetings. The meetings will be the first Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. It was noted that the key for these meetings should be obtained from Shannon before each meeting.


There were no scheduled members of the public.


Ancient Roads: Shannon received in the mail, a survey from the state, regarding the town’s status in the Ancient Roads issue. Laura Bacon may be of assistance in filling out the survey.


Insulation: The board looked at the proposals and since this was not bid according to the bid policy of the town, the board will put the project out to bid using the specs of the insulation company that quoted $2,000. The bids will be opened at the next meeting.

Anti-Idling: Dan Dewalt reported that he had looked at other towns’ anti-idling resolutions and used them to create on specific to Newfane. He read it out loud to the board. At the next meeting, the town will vote to adopt the resolution. This is a non-enforceable resolution. It will be a voluntary, but encouraged practice.

W.W. Building Supply Lease: Peter Rysz noted that in addition to Mr. Druke’s changes, there should be a thirty-day notice clause in there if either party needs to get out of the lease, and that if a fence is erected, there should be a pathway left for the town office employees to walk over to purchase items.

Junk Ordinance Violations: The board inquired as to whether a fourth ticket has been issued for the junk trailer on South Wardsboro Road. Shannon has contacted the Sheriff’s Department, but hasn’t received confirmation as of yet.

Williamsville Hall Asbestos Concerns: Robert Hughes, Williamsville Hall Committee Member, presented the board with concerns regarding some areas of the Williamsville Hall that may be asbestos. Discussion ensued regarding possible options to deal with this issue. The cost of testing was discussed as well.

Dan Dewalt made a motion to authorize Robert Hughes to research the cost of these tests, and to contact Shannon with information for the next meeting, in order for the board to vote on it at the next meeting. Guy Wachtel seconded the motion. The vote passed with three in favor, with Peter Rysz abstaining recusing himself. {change requested for approval}


Shannon presented the board with a letter regarding the town’s bond that was sold to another firm, and a bill for $150.00 for the paperwork done in connection with this sale. The board decided to have Shannon contact the law firm again, and find out why the town was charged for a transaction that was beyond their control. If the answer is satisfactory at the next meeting, they will authorize payment then.


A letter was received by Kevin Behan, Constable regarding the cost of funding dogs that Wayne Hoague has agreed to give up. He requested that the Town fund this, as the Windham County Humane Society is not able to fund the confiscation of these animals at this time. The board authorized Shannon to contact Kevin Behan and inquire as to whether the town’s contract with the Humane Society should cover this, and if there is a round figure of what the town would be spending.


Gunther Garbe asked the board if there had been any further discussion regarding the purchase of the Nu-Tique Building. It was noted that W.W. Building Supply has right of first refusal. Guy will speak to them to get a sense of whether they have any plans to purchase the building.


Dan Dewalt made a motion to enter executive session for consideration of documents excepted from the access to public records provision. Peter Rysz seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Gunther Garbe and Piet van Loon were invited to attend.

Dan Dewalt made a motion to come out of Executive Session. Peter Rysz seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Dan Dewalt made a motion to hire Elana Baron to represent the town to start proceedings to get rid of the junk trailer, beginning with a letter to the landowner. Guy Wachtel seconded the motion. The motion passed with three in favor and Peter Rysz abstained.


Peter Rysz made a motion to approve the pay warrants as presented. Dan Dewalt seconded the motion.

Pay Orders: 12/7/07 $265,760.17

Payroll: 11/28/07 $3,065.59
12/5/07 $3,313.69
12/5/07 $3,719.79
12/5/07 $4,039.31

IRS Electronic Payment: 11/20/07 – 11/28/07: $1,066.66
11/26/07 – 12/5/07: $1,062.79
12/4/07 - 12/07/07: $1,229.92

The motion passed unanimously.

Dan Dewalt made a motion to adjourn at 8:35 p.m. Peter Rysz seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Shannon Meckle
Administrative Assistant

Posted At: Town Clerk's Office, Newfane Store, Williamsville/South Newfane Post Office, and South Newfane General Store & Deli. (after approval)
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