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DECEMBER 4, 2008

Selectboard: Gary Katz, Jeff Gouger, Joe Mandell, Piet van Loon
Also Present: Virginia Grabowski, Ed Druke, Gunther Garbe, Chris Petrak, Keith Clark, Josh O’Neill, Robert Lakin, Deborah Luskin, David Moore, Dan Kinoy

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Gary Katz, Chair.


Joe Mandell made a motion to approve the minutes of November 20, 2008. The motion was seconded by Jeff Gouger. Piet van Loon noted that on Page 4, where it says, “two candidates were interviewed,” the words “By the Selectboard” would keep it clear, as more than two candidates were interviewed by the Planning Commission. The minutes were approved as amended, unanimously.


Road Foreman/Road Commissioner’s Report: See attached report.

Discussion ensued regarding the paving problem on Depot Road that was done by Whitcombs, and the letter that was received earlier in the evening. After discussion of Whitcomb’s proposal, a motion was made by Piet van Loon to send a letter back to Whitcomb stating that the board received the letter and is currently discussing their proposal. The motion was seconded by Joe Mandell. The vote was unanimous.

Sander Bid: After discussion, a motion was made by Joe Mandell to approve the bid from Lucky’s Trailer Sales, as recommended by Todd Lawley, Road Foreman, for a cost of $4,258.00. The motion was seconded by Jeff Gouger. The vote was unanimous.

1. Keith Clark of the Windham County Sheriff’s Department spoke to the board regarding services provided, specifically the junk issue at Wildwood Acres. He stated he’d spoke with the homeowner, gave him a copy of the ordinance, and noted that step 1 is a letter from the Selectboard. Keith will stop by to see what may have changed before the board sends a letter. Keith noted that there were signs that say, “No Parking by Temporary Order of the Sheriff’s Department” but were very old. The Selectboard will check with the Road Foreman, and to see if there is a reason for them.

Discussion ensued with the Sheriff regarding the human waste container that was left at the recycling bins. It was the consensus of the board to empower Shannon to report these things to the Sheriff’s Department without authorization from the Board, as it happens, to ensure that the Department can deal with it in a timely manner.

The board and the Sheriff also spoke about over-length and over-weight vehicles, animal control, and the rates for the upcoming year.

2. Chris Petrak, Town Moderator and Deb Luskin, School Moderator were present to discuss issues related to Town Meeting and the warning for the next Town Meeting. Chris will work with the Selectboard to assist in developing the Warning.

3. Josh O’Neill from Windham Regional Commission and David Moore, Emergency Management Coordinator were present to speak to the board about approving the Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan for the town, allowing them to be eligible for funding. The board will review it and make a decision at the next meeting.


The board discussed the Zoning Administrator’s proposed changes to the Zoning Permit Application. The Selectboard will forward the proposed changes to the Planning Commission for their review before making any decision.

The board also discussed the Zoning Administrator’s proposed hours. A motion was made by Piet van Loon to give the go ahead with the proposed hours, with the understanding that they could be amended if there are complaints. Joe Mandell seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Williamsville Hall Safety Violations: Dan Kinoy reported that Guy, Piet and Dan met on Sunday to discuss these issues. Dan submitted a report outlining the prioritizing and organizing of the improvements to be made. Discussion ensued regarding budgetary constraints, and what projects need to be done this budget year as opposed to future budget years. It was noted that a letter should be sent to Brian Johnson letting him know that they’ve been broken down into priorities, and get his reaction to that. Discussion ensued as to whether there were any reason why some things can’t be done right now. As to volunteer work: Joe Mandell made a motion to give the Williamsville Hall Committee the authority to do the five volunteer items. The motion was seconded by Jeff Gouger. Discussion ensued regarding the knee wall that was suggested for building near the stove in the kitchen. The vote was unanimous.

The consensus of the board was to lock the balcony with a sign noting as such on the door to the balcony.

Tax Sales: Gary noted that the first tax sale had a bidder and the property was sold. On the second one, the town had to bid. The property was unimproved land. Should the town become the owner, the abutting land owners may be interested in purchasing the land.

Recycling Bins: A motion was made by Joe Mandell to hire Fred Jutras to clean up the Recycling Bins at a rate of $50.00 per month, to come out of the highway budget. The motion was seconded by Jeff Gouger. The vote was unanimous.

South Wardsboro Road Junk Ordinance Violation: Shannon directed the board that they have completed the requirements for removing the trailer from the property. Shannon will contact Fred Jutras to see if he’d be willing to remove the trailer, and also to send another letter to the homeowners, letting them know that the trailer will be removed at a date certain.

Rescue, Inc. Increase in Service Fees: Shannon continues to work with Rescue, Inc. to schedule a discussion at a future meeting.

Council on Aging: Heating Assistance. A motion was made by Joe Mandell to accept Council on Aging, Inc’s offer for heating assistance, and to request $150.00. The motion was seconded by Jeff Gouger. Vote was unanimous.

Rescue, Inc. Representative: Priscilla Cotton has stated that she’d be willing to take on the position. Piet van Loon made a motion to appoint Priscilla Cotton. Jeff Gouger seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous. Shannon will do a letter to Priscilla.

Judicial Bureau Reports: Shannon brought to the board a Judicial Bureau Report that shows three unpaid fines that the town has not chosen to file contempt charges on. Discussion ensued regarding the costs versus the benefits. Shannon will look into it for more details and get back to the board.

9. CORRESPONDENCE: No Correspondence.

LEPC: Letter received regarding heating shelter needs. The board chose to forward the information to fire chiefs and the Emergency Management Coordinator for their information and input.

Rock River Preservation: A letter was received from Marie Levesque-Caduto requesting funding in the next fiscal year. The board’s consensus was to look at it during budget time, but to not take any position before town meeting.

Discussion ensued regarding the manner in which employees are paid.

10. PAY ORDERS: – Jeff Gouger made a motion to approve the pay orders as follows. Piet van Loon seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Pay Orders: 12/05/08 - $14,866.94

Payroll: 11/26/08 - $3,122.08
12/03/08 - $3,096.17
12/05/08 - $2,157.81

IRS Electronic Payment:
12/3/08 - $1,116.22
12/10/08 – $1,105.18
12/10/08 – $368.77


Motion was made by Jeff Gouger and seconded by Piet van Loon to adjourn the meeting at 9:46 p.m. The vote was unanimous.

Respectfully Submitted,
Shannon Meckle

Posted: Town Clerk's Office, Newfane Store, W.W. Building Supply,
S. Newfane/Williamsville Post Office and the South Newfane General Store & Deli. (after approval)

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