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Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the Newfane selectboard July 21, 2005

Present: Piet van Loon, Pat Halloran, Gary Katz, Priscilla Cotton, Dan Dewalt - board members. Doug Reed, Peter Potuin, Walter Phelps, John Spicer, Ed Druke and Joe Wright -members of the public.

Road commissioner's report was given: areas covered were overweight traffic on River Road, Steepway grading, Deer Hill Road, paving (we've only received one bid), personal time calibrations for the road crew and the need to choose an acting road foreman. The board agreed with Kurt's recommendation and appointed Kevin acting road foreman for the next couple of weeks. Thanks were given to Kurt for a job well done during his tenure.

Joe Wright was granted an access permit that included his agreement to shore up the Hunter Brook road bridge to Beck Engineering specs.

Ed Druke wanted to know when the work on upper Spring Hill Road would be done. He was told that within the next two weeks it would be started.

Traffic Calming:

Walter Phelps addressed the board, defining the function of the TC committee. He said the committee would be studying ideas and formulating concrete proposals for the board. "We're here because you recognize a problem and want us to do something about it.

G. Katz lauded the research that Norm Keubler had brought to the last meeting.

John Spicer cited studies from Windham Regional, mentioned sidewalks that had been recommended in the past and said that "several calming devices will be needed".

Sarah Taylor spoke against stop signs and was supported by E.Druke.

The new stop sign that was voted to be part of the South Newfane bridge was mentioned in the discussion. Piet predicted that that sign would not be installed.

D. DeWalt proposed one new east-bound stop. After discussion , that motion was withdrawn and the board voted on the original proposal for a three way stop at the Baker Brook/Dover Road intersection. The motion failed 3-1, the only vote in favor being DeWalt.

W. Phelps mentioned the board's inability to act on this issue over that last decade. He asked if crosswalks were unacceptable to any members of the board.

E. Druke presented the revised VT rapid response plan. It was motioned, seconded and voted to adopt the plan with some spelling corrections as noted and the understanding that a map would be forthcoming to complete the document. The next meeting on the Emergency Operation Plan will be on July 26 at the Newbrook fire hall.

G. Katz was asked to work on the town's Public Works Resource Directory.

The town's Personnel Policy was discussed. Members agreed to review our current, our proposed (as of a few years ago) and the town of Mendon's Personnel Policies, to compare and contrast. The issue will be visited on 8/24, at 5:00. Suggestions will be forwarded to Doris prior to that meeting.

P. Halloran was asked to invite the fleet manager of Keene State College to come to a September meeting to speak with the board about using bio-diesel fuel.

Bud Berman's access permit was discussed. G. Katz recommended that the board continue to hold Mr. Bergman to the 20'+4' standard (VTrans B.71). The permit was denied with three votes against, D. DeWalt abstained.

The Sheriff's contract was discussed. Dissatisfaction with the current "synopsis of general activity" was expressed. Board members all expressed the need for detailed reports on the time spent and locations of officers engaged in traffic enforcement. The board agreed to insert several changes into the proposed contract to ensure that accountability was adequately addressed. The board will await agreement with the Sheriff before signing the new contract.

The next meeting of the Selectboard will the Aug. 18, at 6:30.

June's financial statements were reviewed. Numerous questions were raised as to the accuracy of various figures. It was agreed to meet with the treasurer to get clarification.

An overweight permit was approved for Fitzpatrick Trucking.

G. Katz reported that Rescue Inc. has changed their back-up ambulance policy for the West River Valley. He believes it to be a reasonable and safe policy and recommends that the board approve the policy when it is presented to us.

It was agreed to keep advertising for the road foreman's position, in addition to interviewing those currently applying.

Administrative Assistant's report:

The lister's computer is not working properly, it will be worked on within the next few days. Six people have filed appeals with the Board of Civil Authority.

Pay orders were signed.

minutes submitted by D. DeWalt

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