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Corrections to the following minutes will be made at the next meeting of the Selectmen and are unapproved until then. Changes will be noted in that meeting’s minutes.

JULY 16th, 2007

Selectmen: Daniel DeWalt, Joseph Mandell, Peter Rysz, and Guy Wachtel
Absent: Ellen Darrow
Also Present: Steve Zaluzny of Zaluzny Excavation Corp., Brud Sanderson of Stevens & Associates, Fred Bacon, Todd Lawley as Road Foreman, and Doris Knechtel as Administrative Assistant.

The special meeting was called to order at 4:30 p.m. by Chairman Mandell.

The contract for the stone retaining wall at Culhane Corner, as prepared by Brud Sanderson of Stevens & Associates, was reviewed and discussed. The stone retaining wall replaces the original proposal which was for a soldier pile retaining wall which had a base cost of $197,000. Various issues were reviewed such as the results of the previous test borings that had been done where no ledge was found. The drainage, catch basin, and replacement of a 15" culvert to an 18" culvert across Dover Road (TH#2) was also reviewed. There was some discussion about some extras that may or may not be an issue. It was agreed by a handshake, that the amounts for the extra items will not be added to the total contract price at this time, but will be added as change orders at a time and materials rate, if needed. S. Zaluzny presented his Performance Bond information. A Certificate of Insurance will be forwarded to the town.
Motion was made by D. DeWalt and seconded by P. Rysz to hire Zaluzny Excavating Corporation for the amount of $195,500 to perform the necessary work as outlined in the bid to construct a stone retaining wall at Culhane Corner in South Newfane. Unanimous. Funds for the project will be from a state highway structures grant and the Capital budget.
S. Zaluzny is hoping to start next week by having the tree contractor remove the necessary trees. There will also be a pre-construction meeting scheduled at the site. He will let the town know the date so that Mary Culhane can be notified. (D. DeWalt left, G. Wachtel arrived)

A. The Town Highway Annual Financial Plan was prepared for the Board and the Road Foreman to review. The yearly plan is required in order for the town to apply for state highway grants, either structure or retreatment. The plan is based on the Town Highway Budget as passed and on the Bridge and Highway Capital Plan. Motion was made by P. Rysz and seconded by G. Wachtel to approve the Annual Town Highway Financial Plan as presented. Unanimous. The signed document will be forwarded to District #2.
B. Todd Lawley prepared a Scope of Work document for the proposed Grimes Hill Road (TH#5) bank stabilization project. The project will be put out to bid. Some contractors have already looked at it. T. Lawley will ask S. Zaluzny about digging some test holes to find out what type of soils are there. Concern was expressed about the current condition of the guard rails. There are cones and markers along the areas of concern. The funds for this project will come from Capital and from a state highway grant.
C. Bridge #14 - Response has been received from Roger Whitcomb expressing two concerns from the recent letter sent by the Board regarding Bridge #14. The first is the location of the centerline and the equal division of the extra width. The state does not want to disturb the upstream side by widening on that side because of the old bridge abutment and because of the sewer line running across the bridge. The other concern has to do with the proposed third rail system by separating the sidewalk. The anticipated additional expense would be $35,000 for the extra width and railing, a 100% local share. At the meeting of July 19th the Selectboard will discuss the matter again. T. Lawley that he could plow off a raised sidewalk, as originally proposed. He also reminded the Board that the condition of the bridge is “not getting any better”.
Also, a letter has been received from VTrans, Frank Malnati, Right-of-Way Agent, which included existing right-of way in the Bridge #14 area as shown in 1945. This r-o-w information needs to be plotted to another sheet by a surveyor.
D. T. Lawley indicated that water bars need to be put in on the Bud Bergmann property where Powling is doing some logging as water is draining into the Dover Road/Auger Hole Road intersection.
E. The town has received the information from the state regarding the education tax rates; Homestead - $1.1523 and Non-Residential $1.1824. The municipal rate was set by the Selectboard at $0.3578. Tax bills have been printed and will be mailed out on 07/17/07.
Motion was made by P . Rysz and seconded G. Wachtel to go into Executive Session at 6:30 p.m. to discuss a matter of personnel. Unanimous. Fred Bacon was present with Board members.
Motion was made by P. Rysz and seconded by G. Wachtel to come out of Executive Session at 7:28 p.m. Unanimous.
As a result of the discussion during Executive Session, the full Board will have an Executive Session to discuss the AA search at 8:00 p.m. at their July 19th meeting.

The Special Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Doris A. Knechtel
Administrative Assistant

Posted: Town Clerk's Office, Newfane Store, Williamsville General Store, and South Newfane General Store & Deli.

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