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APRIL 3, 2008

Selectboard: Gary Katz, Chair; Guy Wachtel, Joe Mandell, Peter Rysz (Jeff Gouger, absent)
Also Present: Marc Gray, Todd Lawley, Maureen Albert-Piascik, Gunther Garbe, Ed Druke, Phyllis Mandell, Robert Holden, Bryan Donovan, Judy Egan,

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Gary Katz, Chair.

The board reviewed the minutes of the March 20, 2008 meeting. A motion was made by P. Rysz to approve the minutes. J. Mandell seconded the motion. The minutes were approved unanimously.

3. BUDGET STATUS REVIEW: Maureen Albert-Piascik, Treasurer was present to discuss the budget. Maureen pointed out numerous line items that are over budget.

Discussion ensued regarding budgeting and borrowing, and the possibility of having to borrow money this year.

While tax money is coming in, April is the tax month when the least amount of money comes in because many people pay at the beginning of the year or twice a year. The town needs to pay $700,000 to the schools in May. Maureen doesn’t foresee the Town being able to pay them.

The Selectboard and the Treasurer discussed expenditures at the Williamsville Hall. Any expenditures need prior approval from the Selectboard before work starts. The board asked that Maureen bring expenditures to their attention before paying them, when they are over budget.

Maureen reiterated that budgeting realistically in the future will be important, as there has been a chronic shortfall of budgeting.

Zoning Administrator increase in pay was discussed. They discussed where money could be shuffled in the budget for the increase. Maureen didn’t see a problem with the increase, however the Selectboard’s responsibility is to find the money and tell the treasurer where to move it. It was agreed amongst the board that the responsible course of action would be to take a look at the budget and find the money. The decision was tabled until next meeting.

Road Foreman’s Report: See attached report.

• Shannon will draft the letter to Whitcombs as a follow up to the conversation Todd had with them. The consensus of the board was that Gary can sign the letter without waiting for the next meeting.

• Guy Wachtel made a motion to approve a contingent expenditure to do exploratory work on the Stratton Hill Bridge, not to exceed $2,000.00, with the intention of doing an inexpensive fix as soon as possible. J. Mandell seconded the motion.

Discussion: There may be Structures Grant moneys put aside. Todd will contact John Alexander to find out.

Vote was unanimous.

Roadside Mowing: bids are ready and can go out at any time.

Exhaust Brake Discussion: Gary Katz read an excerpt from VLCT April 2000 regarding Jake Brakes. Discussion ensued. Shannon will find the VLCT Model Noise Ordinance for discussion at next meeting. This subject would be a good one to talk to the Sheriff about the next time he attends a meeting.

Joe Mandell mentioned that at the last meeting, it was decided that the Road Foreman’s Report would be combined with the Road Commissioners. Perhaps the Road Foreman’s Reports should reflect both names.

Bryan Donovan mentioned that his driveway has been damaged again because of hay bales on someone else’s property directing the water flow. G. Wachtel moved that the Board send a letter similar to the one sent last year. J. Mandell seconded. Discussion: What happens if she ignores the letter? Acknowledge requested, because of the impact. The Town has the right to remove them. Quote Statute. Vote was Unanimous.

Excess Weight Permits:

The board reviewed and approved the following Excess Weight Permits:

• Barrett Trucking Co., Inc.: 69,000; 80,000; 90,000; 90,000
• A.S. Clark & Sons: 33,000; 60,000; 69,000
• Jewell Transport, Inc.: 69,000; 69,000
• Anderson Excavating: 46,000; 60,000
• Camp Precast Concrete Products, Inc.: 69,000; 69,000
• David Chaves Excavating, Inc.: 60,000; 69,000; 69,000; 69,000
• C. Derick Transport, Inc.: 69,000
• United Natural Foods: 69,000
• Northeast Driver Qualifiers, Inc.: 69,000
• Bazin Brothers Trucking, Inc.: 60,000; 69,000; 69,000; 69,000
• Plimpton Excavating LLC: 69,000; 69,000
• Derrig Excavating, Inc.: 35,000; 60,000; 69,000; 69,000
• Newport Sand & Gravel/Carroll Concrete: 60,000; 69,000; 69,000; 69,000
• Gurney Brothers Construction, Inc.: 60,000; 60,000; 69,000; 69,000
• Fitzpatrick Transport, LLC: 69,000

Radway Road Project: Tom & Adelle Hersh were given an opportunity to speak. They stated they wanted to stay up to date about what the latest plans are, and be apprised of any advancements. Peter Rysz gave an overview of the project as it stands at this point, and the board answered questions regarding the project.

The Board discussed organizing a site visit with the Hershes, Matt Mann of Windham Regional Commission, Todd Lawley, Christopher Williams, and the Selectboard.

Draft Agreement: Elana Baron sent a 1st draft agreement between the Town and Nick Mercede. Gary Katz went through the letter and the agreement. Shannon will send a copy to Matt Mann at Windham Regional Commission. Joe wanted to thank Peter for all his work on Radway Road for the Town.


Carol Destromp volunteered to help straighten out the older maps in the Town Clerk’s vault. Discussion regarding certain materials needed to protect the documents. The board will talk to Jahari, get her feedback, and get back to Carol.

Robert Holden, Representative to Rescue Inc. was present to talk about town assessments, and how they are currently set up. There will be an informational meeting on Thursday, April 10, 2008. Gary is willing to attend the meetings.

Marc Gray spoke to the board regarding a letter he received stating that there was $75.00 held back from his pay because of work not done; and he would like to get it rectified. After discussion, G. Wachtel made a motion to pay the remainder of Marc Gray’s bill. J. Mandell seconded. Unanimous.

The board asked Marc to give an estimate for next year, and to have it ready for the next meeting.

Marc Gray also spoke to the board as Secretary of the South Newfane/Williamsville Fire Department. A bill was submitted with the Town Report information, and the money wasn’t received. Marc submitted another bill and Shannon put it in Maureen’s basket immediately.

No Scheduled members were present.

Board agreed to change the Agenda to put Old Business before New Business.


South Wardsboro Road Junk Ordinance Violation: Shannon updated them on the process, and at this time, the Selectboard is awaiting instruction from the courts.

Nappi Appeal: Attorney met with the Listers’ Office today and they will be scheduling a site visit in the near future.

Williamsville Hall: Gary went over the Division of Fire Safety Preliminary Report from the inspection that was done on Tuesday. Discussion ensued regarding process of notifying the other members of the Selectboard and the Williamsville Hall Committee, so that they might have been present for the inspection. Discussion regarding spending, use of the hall for Senior Meals, etc.

Motion by G. Wachtel to approve the Community Hour Workers to paint the inside of the Williamsville Hall. Seconded by Peter Rysz. Unanimous.

Gary Katz discussed the Conflict of Interest perception and that during conversations regarding the Williamsville Hall, if it would be appropriate for Joe and Peter to recuse themselves.

J. Mandell made a motion to dedicate any revenue by Williamsville Hall to improvements to the Williamsville Hall, effective April 3, 2008. Peter Rysz seconded. Unanimous.

J. Mandell made a motion that expenditures of up $75.00 can be made without Selectboard authorization. Seconded by G. Wachtel. Unanimous.

Judy Egan requested that any discussions regarding the Williamsville Hall be appropriately warned on the Agenda.


Rules & Procedures: Gary presented a model ordinance for Rules & Procedures of the Selectboard. The board will discuss it after they’ve had a chance to read further.

Discussion ensued regarding specific roles of each Selectboard member, or if assignments should be given as they come up. No action was taken.

9. CORRESPONDENCE: No Correspondence.

Peter Rysz requested an Executive Session to discuss personnel issues at 10:10 p.m. Guy Wachtel seconded. The board came out of Executive Session at 10:35 p.m. No action was taken.

10. PAY ORDERS: – G. Wachtel made a motion to approve the pay orders as follows. P. Rysz seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Pay Orders: 04/04/08 - $24,214.78
04/03/08 - $249.96

Payroll: 04/03/08 - $1,393.22 IRS Electronic Payment: 3/24/08 - $1016.63
03/26/08 - $3,084.97 3/31/08 - $984.77
04/02/08 - $3,006.24


Motion was made by Guy Wachtel and seconded by Jeff Gouger to adjourn the meeting at 9:13 p.m. Unanimous.

Respectfully Submitted,
Shannon Meckle

Posted: Town Clerk's Office, Newfane Store, W.W. Building Supply,
S. Newfane/Williamsville Post Office and the South Newfane General Store & Deli. (after approval)

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